Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy Mel ROCKS!!!

Okay, so life is a little crazy trying to be a super Mom and super wife, and a biggest loser! I have days I just can not keep up. But, I just keep trying to do it the best I can. Today, Annie decided she didn't feel well after I had taken her to school and was getting ready to go to work so, her and I come back home and have a "Mental health" day! Actually it was pretty fun to hang out with just one of my daughters! I am totally going to have to let Abbie do it, just maybe after Christmas. We watched a movie while laying in my bed, made chocolate chip cookies (I didn't have one!), and worked on school work. It was kind of nice and relaxing.

At 5 I had to leave to go to the Y for a training session with Hot David. He really kicked my butt today. Then I stayed and did an extra half hour on the tready. (As to date, I am down 24.5 pounds.) We only have two and a half weeks left and I really want to get to 30 pounds off. I head home at 7 and I am just getting ready to start making some dinner and something catches my eye in the mail stack..... It is a special yellow envelope...... Humm, who could that be for? ...... I grab it and scream..... It is a letter to ME from BREE WEE!!! OMG!!!!! How cool it that? And an autographed picture of her! Let me lead you into how this happened....

In Clearwater, my BFF Crazy Mel and I were talking about how all I wanted Kate to bring me home from Kentucky was Bree's autograph. She wouldn't because of course, that wouldn't be cool for her to ask for it and I totally understood that but I was totally bummed I couldn't be there to see Bree. I am a very big Bree Wee fan! Yes, that would include being a blogger stalker. I love the tenacity and enthusiasm Bree has. It is contagious and always makes me look at my life in a better way. So, Mel told me she would hook me up! Thank you Mel and also, thank you Bree for taking the time out of your schedule. You both ROCK!!!

I am framing my picture of Bree! I will post a picture of me and my picture soon. Thank you for making my day Mel!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So excited...

I know every time I post I explain how busy I have been. Well, three weeks ago, I added another thing to my daily routing. The Biggest Loser! Our local YMCA has a Biggest Loser. I am on the Blue team. We have been the biggest losers two weeks running! I think our success is the fact that we are working as a team. Okay, I am going to make myself a little accountable here..... I lost 6 pounds the first week! But, I only lost 2 pounds the second week. I was feeling very bummed about it and then, all my friends and team mates slapped me upside the head! I still lost weight! All I have to say is, I had better lose more weight this week! I have been working my BUTT off!!! Double sometimes triple workouts a day. I do have a little motivation beside the feeling better, the blue team trainer is HAWT!!! And I don't mean just a little bit! I mean SMOKIN!!! It just makes it fun to work out and look at. I keep trying to figure out who I can set him up with! He is only 22 and just ended a 2 year relationship. If you know anyone, let me know!

We went to Des Moines last weekend for the girls to have there pictures taken. Please go and check them out at go to the proof section and the password is klattsupermodels. The girls had so much fun! Jim does an awesome job!

Just a few short weeks and I will be traveling to Clearwater Florida to watch Katie do Worlds. I am looking forward to some time in the sun and an open water swim. It will be fun to swim in the ocean. I don't know how good I will be at that. But, it will be fun. I love a challenge.

So, we picked out Halloween costumes for the girls this last week. Annie is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. (I wanted to make the costume but she wouldn't let me this year!) Abbie is a Cheerless Cheerleader. Abbie's costume is so not something I would expect from one of my girls. I tried to talk her into a pirate but, obviously I wasn't very persuasive with either of the girls. I must be losing my touch. I think it actually might be they are getting older and don't listen to their mother! I am no longer cool. That is really hard for me to take. Their friends think I am cool but they do not.

Jason is just holding the fort down! He is doing it all. Without him, I couldn't do the Biggest Loser. He has had to step it up at home and I know Annie is giving him a ton of grief. But, he is taking it all in stride. He really is amazing. I am very lucky! There are not many guys like him in the world. I was just very lucky to catch him! Annie and Abbie think I caught him with a lasso. Of course, I lead them to believe that.

Well, I of course will try and be better about posting. I promise. Wish me luck this week on the weight lose! Going for more then 2 pounds! (And the HAWT trainer took away my coffee!!!)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a day...

I set the alarm on my phone for 3 so I could wake up when Katie did. I wanted to give her a good morning send off and some words of encouragement. I didn't sleep well all night, I kept thinking about her doing another Ironman. I really wanted to be there but, in hind sight, I felt pretty useful at home.

Mom and Dad kept calling for splits and also to help locate other teams athletes. It was such a brutal day in Kentucky! The weather was very hot. The commentators kept saying it was the hottest conditions they had ever seen during an Ironman.

Okay, I could write a whole post about Katie. I am so proud of her. Even though she medical DQ'ed because she was dehydrated and had to be taken to the medical tent for IV's, she is still my hero. Every time I watch an Ironman, I always get inspired! I wish I could do that. It is so amazing to me. Next full Iron, I will be there. But, It was pretty handy having someone with a couple of computers. (my husband is happy to have his back tonight :-)

The girls started school Wednesday. They love their teachers and the kids in their classes. I am always glad about that! There are not that many girls in the first grade in Okoboji so, they have 5 boys to 1 girl. Annie is fortunate enough to have her best friend in her class, Taylor Timmerman. The bad news is that Taylor is moving. They are leaving town October 1st. Annie will be heart broken. Any advice I can get about how to help her adjust to that is greatly appreciated.

The summer flew by! The 10th of August we had a Relay for Life event at work. It was actually a tour of Kitchens but, all the money we raised ($5000.00) went to The American Cancer Society. It was not a bad fund raiser for out first year of doing it. The next time I know some things we can do differently to help make the fundraiser run smoother.

The girls did the twin contest at the Iowa State Fair. They didn't place this year but, it was nice to have a day and a half off of work. And, it is always fun to go to the fair.

Jason and I are living with celebrities. The girls and five of their friends are featured in a Special Edition of Women's Inc. Magazine for a back to school picnic. Annie and Abbie think they are Rock Stars! I guess it is as good as being in Camp Rock.

Not much else going on around here. Jason and my anniversary is tomorrow. It has been 8 years since both my Dads walked me down that flowered path to Louis Armstrong singing "What a Wonderful World" into the arms of the man of my dreams. Boy, did I need a reality check! Eight years, and twin girls later, now look at us.... just kidding. Oh, and I forgot to add, two crazy dogs! The little one thinks he is bigger then the big one!

Well, I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend! If you are surfing the web and need something to do, go to and leave an uplifting comment for my sister!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Has it really been that long?

I can't believe it has really been that long since I have last blogged. But, I guess it has. I have been getting a wrath of crap from Katie and my Mom about blogging. I have just been very busy.

Summer is always a busy time for us as it is for everyone. Where do I begin?

the weekend of the fourth we busy, we attacked the bushes and hedges around our house on the 4th during the day. (that is what you do when you live in Okoboji, you hibernate) That night we had plans with a bunch of friends to meet up at the green space with all the kids to watch the fireworks and the band. It was great and the kids all had a ball. It ended up being even more people then we thought and more kids then we thought but, the more the merrier! It was crazy! We had gone to Walmart and bought the giant bag of sparklers and had every kid swarming Jason for sparklers. It was wild. Then, five of the Dads, took all the little kids up the the front by the mosh pit. The kids thought that was GREAT! Of course, the girls think their Dad is a hero for that! Then, one of the other mom's and I took all the kids for ice cream. We just had an all American good time and the fire works were spectacular as always.

The next day, Jason put closets in all day and I took Scout to the vet. We were busy all day and then went to some friends house that night for a bon fire, and the girls spent the night there.

Sunday, was race day, Katie raced in Lake Stevens Washington and qualified for the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater Florida in November. She did so good! She finished 5th in her age group. She ran her butt off that day. Usually the run is not her best part of the sport but, Sunday, the run was very strong!! We were waiting around most of the day to hear if she qualified a spot for Clearwater. It was a rollercoaster of a day! So, I guess you know, I will be in Florida in November. Wooo Hooo! Team Kate Monster Support Crew reporting for duty!

This week as been nuts. It has been work, work, work. I don't know if I have mentioned the fact that we are doing a Relay for Life fundraiser in August? It is a tour of kitchens that I have designed. I didn't want to do it until November. I was hoping to have some time to gain some energy back but, Joe told me we needed to do it in August so, I told him that was fine but, I needed lots of help. Do you think I am getting it? It is really a lot of work and a lot of extra hours and I knew it would be. I just wish I could snap my fingers and have all my energy back. I am still extremely tired. I haven't been home before 6 any night this week. And, I have had late appointments two nights this week.

We are leaving in the morning for Cedar Falls. Cami and Brian get married tomorrow. The girls are going to stay in Oelwein with my Dad and Mary for next week or part of next week, that hasn't been decided.

Big news in Nascar, Tony Stewart is leaving Joe Gibbs Racing. My long love of the number 20 is coming to a close. That is bitter sweat. I heard today that his new number for next year will be 14. I am good with that, my lucky number is 14. Maybe that will bring good luck to Tony! I hope the best for him and his owner ship and all I have to say is ,"Go Smoke!" And, I guess we will have to start learning how to yell for a new sponsor next year.

Okay, I guess I have caught everyone up on the not so excited parts of my life. Have a great weekend everyone and I will work harder at blogging, I promise!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What to say and where to begin?

so, I am really struggling with all the different medications I am on. Most of them make me incredibly tired and irritable which is totally not me. I don't feel like myself one little bit. I am not the happy go lucky Chelley everyone knows and is used to. I don't know where she is and I would really like to find her soon! I miss her. So, if you find her somewhere please send her my way. I really need her.

News from Okoboji, one of the local favorite eating establishments burnt down early Monday morning, Tweeters. It had the largest collection of Iowa Hawkeye memorabilia known. The only things that survived the fire were one basketball and two bottles of ketchup. The basketball blew out of its glass container and made its way to the basement. That is also where the two ketchup bottles were. The Owner says she will rebuild.

It is really hard to believe the 4th of July is next week already. We had such a long winter here and now it is just getting nice and the humidity is taking over. I know by September when the kids go back to school it is very likely to be the hottest days of the year. Yesterday the girls and Molli were at the pool from 12 noon until 5 o'clock. That is what summer is all about. Last week they were busy at the beach and swimming off the Smith dock most of the week. They are getting tan. It makes me miss the days when I stayed home with them and did all those things and had a great tan. We used to have so much fun.

Well, that is really all that is going on in our lives right now. Have a great week everyone.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I have fallen and I can't get up.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please Read.....

As most people know, I have more sisters and brothers then your average person. I have a sister in need right now! Cami, (Mary's youngest daughter) lost her home yesterday. They had a house in Ceder Falls Iowa. It is now filled with water up to the roof. Cami is getting ready to get married to Brian (her high school sweetheart, July 11), they have a beautiful daughter Isabelle who just turned 2 in April.

Cami and Brian had just purchased their home about a year ago and done a ton of work on it. They are both very young but have their heads on straight and their priorities in line. It is so cool to see two young people that way. They are very good parents to Isabelle.

Thank God they are safe and I know whatever is left in the house is just stuff but how sad to have to start all over. They are staying with my Dad and Mary for right now. I know all your thoughts and prayers will be with them too.

Jason is going to try and scan a picture of them later for me to put on the blog.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crazy, crazy weekend!

I am telling you, I seriously don't have time to go to the bathroom these days.

I forget to stop and drink water and eat food until I am starving. I promised myself I wouldn't get back to this way once I felt better, and here I am again... The craziest thing is, I still don't even feel great! I feel terrible. I have walking phenomena, sinus infection, and my stomach still hurts every day. I honestly wish I could snap my fingers and I wouldn't feel so tired. All I want to do is sleep and I don't even get enough of that. I lay there at night and my head is just swirling with work and guilt over not spending enough time with the girls.

I am really struggling.

My desk is piled a foot high and I never get to the bottom. It just keeps getting higher and higher.

In reality, I know this is all hormonal and I will get over it!

Yesterday at 1:30 I ran to grab some lunch quickly, my friend Becky Heller stopped while I was gone and hooked me up with some more supplies, Puffs with vicks and Grem-X and some great pictures from Saturday night. My husband was in fine form!!!! We will just leave it at that.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The New Man In My Life...

Isn't he cute! Right this minute he is trying to play tug a war with Tiger's tail!

Where has the time gone?

It has been a crazy week!

It is really hard to type with stitches in your hand first off. So, blame all typos and miss spellings on that please.

Tuesday night, Molli arrived home. The girls had been waiting for ever it felt like and they knew it was the indication that summer had arrived! So, she arrived home and was here for a few minutes and then left for dinner at her Mom's house. The girls were mad but, there will be plenty of nights this summer. They had to get to bed, one last day of school on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning was hard to get everyone moving. They were late, I cried realizing it was their last day of Kindergarten and they were going to be first graders at the end of the day. They are growing up way to fast! Very hard on the mom! We get to school and it seems everyone was late that morning. I talked to other kindergartner mothers and they were having problems with sadness also. (I was worried it was just me and the crazy hormones!!!!).

I get to work Wednesday and it was C-R-A-Z-Y!!! (it is going to be like that now for a while) I get a call from my mom at 9:30 about an 11 week old Miniature Schnauzer that needs a home and his mom died right after he was born. (c-section) He needed some love. He was paper trained, and just a lover. Well, of course, I told her I was not the one she needed to talk to. She knew just who I was talking about and said okay and hung up. (I didn't know if I would hear anything about this again.) I go to an appointment and when I left, I check my phone and both Jason and her had both called me. I call him first. He said he is go if I am (I was kind of blown away with that actually). I call my mom and tell her I am going to go out and check out the dog. She has him and is on the way to my work. I am in Milford. She turns around and heads to our house. The dog puts on a great show for me! Quiet and not shy, loves to play and cuddle. Cute as a button and very small. I agree to him! Abbie and I have already come up with puppy names... Scout. Totally fits him!!!! Mom takes him back to the groomer to get him fixed up and the girls and I are supposed to pick him up at 3:30. That works GREAT! They didn't know about him yet.

Molli picks the girls up after school, takes them to the Sugar Shack and then I get home around the same time they do. I talk them into going to the park for a while. We do that to pass the time before the surprise..... Okay, I will just skip ahead, lets just say, they are so great with him and Scout is not a bit afraid of Tiger and he fits our family perfectly! He sleeps through the night, is really good at the potty thing, and and loves to tease Tiger!

So, that is why I have not blogged lately, I have been busy with a little puppy! He takes up a lot of time. I forgot how much time it takes but, I don't want to take my eyes off of him. The girls help while they are awake but, I have increased my work schedule too this week. I have to figure out the balance. I am still not good at that. I don't know how to say no. Someone told me this week, people who really want you to design for them will wait for you. The people who don't know what they are getting when they are demanding you to do it now, can just hit the road. It took me a while to understand that. And figure out what he meant by that.

I will try and do better about posting this next week! It only takes a second.

Monday, May 26, 2008

E.R. visit of the weekend...

Well, we had a goal of making it until Thanksgiving without a visit to the emergency room. We made it three weeks and one day.

Today we were all excited about the Heller's coming over for Memorial Day, grilling out and just hanging outside on such a beautiful day. I was busy in the kitchen getting ready to cut up the melons (Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew). I decided that I was going to be a chef today and use the butcher knife instead of the steak knife I usually use and trust for cutting everything up. (Honestly, I had watched Rachel Ray earlier in the day, she really gives me confidence in cooking!) So, I grab the honeydew and the butcher knife and start cutting away. One cut, right down the middle. I get the knife stuck and while trying to pry it out, it seams I tried to cut my finger off. I have a deep cut that is a millimeter and a half long on the inside of my middle finger on my right hand. Well, lucky for me, I am left handed! I guess if you are going to do something like that, do it on the hand you don't use.

The funniest thing about my hospital visit is the fact that they were very concerned about giving me a tetanus shot. Lets see, I have had two surgeries in two months and no one else was concerned about this issue but, the doctor today was.... I HAD TO HAVE A TETANUS SHOT TOO!!! Oh, and it was the same E.R. doctor today who did Annie's stitches a month ago. Next time we might call us by name.

We arrived back home and Jason (who doesn't like melon's) spent the next hour and a half cutting up the melon's for everyone. He is totally my hero!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Long Weekend....Just what the doctor ordered

Before I start on this post, I want to say how sorry I am for the people in Northeast Iowa who have lost their loved ones or homes from the tornadoes tonight. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. My Dad and Mary do not have power in the town they live in, they didn't think there was a light on in Oelwein at all. Dad said he thought it would be a day or so before it came back on. The town next to them, had quite a bit of damage. I can not imagine what you are all going through.

Now, onto the long weekend. I really needed this. I didn't realize just how tired I was until I slept late the last two mornings. Now, when I say I slept late, you have no idea how late I mean.... I slept until 9 both mornings. I know that doesn't seem late to some people but, that is very late to me. I am usually up by 6, and never any later then 7. I felt so guilty sleeping that late.

Yesterday, Jason took the girls golfing over in Sibley with Brian. It was crazy windy! After they came home, we all went to Spencer to do some grocery shopping. That completely whipped me out again! So, we came home, made some tacos, and watched National Treasure 2.

Today, woke up late again, cleaned the house, went to lunch, came home, and cleaned the house some more. Denny and Cynthia stopped by for a little while and then, we played fire drill. Since we moved the girls bedroom to the basement we have been talking about what they should do in case of a fire. Well, today, we practiced it!!! They know completely what they are supposed to do and how to do it. They have it down to 40 seconds from start to completion. That rocks. I am so proud of them. It was like am obstacle course and they rocked it!

Well, I hope everyone else is having a great Memorial Day weekend! Again, our thoughts and prayers are with the families in Eastern Iowa.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The rudeness of others.

You know, most of the time I can find good in any situation. If something goes bad, I can find something good about it. I try to be very positive. It bothers me to be around people who complain or are negative all the time.

I went to pick up the girls today and as I walk in, I see the grandmother of one of the girls friends.
She lives in Sioux City and I know she must be here this week helping the family out with the kids. Anyway, I wait by Abbie's room first and talk to my friend Jodi who is waiting for Olivia. This is an everyday occurrence that usually ends in one of our daughters convincing us both that they need to play after school or need to spend the night at the others house. (It works 1-2 days a week.) The girls get out of class and Abbie and I say good bye and head down to Annie's class. I stand by this Grandma we know and I say hi. She proceeds to start grilling me about my hysterectomy, no hi, or how are you feeling, glad you are doing so good. First she asked if I had a complete hysterectomy, to which I say yes. Then she said that that was hard to believe seeing as I am at school already and up running around. I guess she had one 4 years ago and and didn't work for 7 weeks. So, mine must not have been that serious. (that is what she said.) I assured her mine was serious and a full and that I am just not good at staying down and I feel good. She informed me that she can't stay down either and mine just really wasn't as bad as hers... I just blew her off and was very excited about Annie walking out of the room so we could go!

I have kind of been stewing about this since I left school, how dare she minimize cancer! She just had a hysterectomy, she didn't have cancer to go with it. I had something to be excited about when I heard that it was all gone, all she had to look forward to was .... her life without her uterus.

I was just talking to Jason about it when he reminded me that she really is not a very nice person and she probably doesn't even know how miserable she is. He is right. I am doing great and I am free of cancer. That is the most important thing! I am not going to let someone so rude disrupt my happiness.

So, onto something better. Congratulations to everyone who participated in Ironman 70.5 Florida this last weekend. Sounds like the conditions were brutal! I think just the fact that people finished under the weather conditions is amazing. Kate, I am so proud of you for finishing the race after dropping at mile 9 of the run. You were such a major contender in your age group at the beginning of the run. I know Lake Stevens will be a great race for you! Tell Mom she had better get the house reserved for Clearwater. I see the trip is in our future again.

As for our other race fan, Tony Stewart, he did okay this last weekend. To bad it wasn't a points race. I feel like he is going to win this next weekend! Charlotte is his track.

Have a great week everyone. I will let you know what the Dr. says after our appointment Wednesday.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Race Weekend......

As Most of you know, we here in the Klatt house are big race fans! Now, we are not just big Nascar fans but, we also follow the Ironman atheletes! And, so, you can see just how big this weekend is to us!

All I can say is Go Kate Monster! Although we are not in Florida for the Ford Ironman 70.5 at Disney, we are all going to be hanging on our computers!

Katie is amazing! Not just because she is my sister but, this is her second year in Ironman and it is her first year in this age group. She is only 29 but, in Ironman, even though her birthday is after the season is over, she has to compete in the womans 30+. That is a crazy hard age group to compete in! She ROCKS it! It is really life changing to go to any Ironman event. Not just as an athlete but also as a spectator. You are not just spectators, you are totally involved in getting each and every athlete over that finish line! You can't help but want everyone to finish and do that best that they can do. You cheer for everyone! You hope that the support you give your athlete and any other participant will help them. I am completely emotional when I am at a race! Every time I see Kate, I cry. I am so proud of her out there, it is crazy! (Good thing I am not there tomorrow! My hormones are making me cry like a baby for no reason all the time!).

Well, for the 2008 season we have new team T-shirts, They are so cute and hopefully ones that Kate can spot! We will all be sporting our team shirts tomorrow morning!

Thank you Nonnie for the new shirts! They rock like Aunt Katie!

So, all I have to say is RTS Kate Monster!!!!! We wish we were there! Also, a shot out to Wes, Marni, and everyone else racing this weekend!

And, last but not least go to Tony Stewart at the All Star race tonight!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First day back to work.

So, it was my first day back to work. And, I can not tell you how tired I am! Just three hours and I am completely wiped out. Basically I went to work to find the bottom of my desk. It was buried under a foot of papers and mail. Wow, I don't know how to get back into it. I don't want to submerse myself into work as I have the past few years. I want to start slow and take one day at a time. The problem I have with that is that I care about my customers and they are used to me doing everything they ask of me. I am going to try and focus more on my family then work. (My new resolution) I don't want my work to lead my life. I just seem to push myself more and more and then it is completely consuming.

I am a goal person and I have huge goals for myself at work that I set and then set higher and then set higher. I don't know how to slow that down. But, I promise to my family, that I will try! It is hard for me to understand why everyone isn't like that.

Okay, I am going to talk about something that not everyone is going to want to hear so, if it gets to be too much, just change to someone Else's blog....

I am having a serious problem and don't know what to do. I think my hormones pills are giving me headaches everyday. I won't call them migraines because I can fall asleep. It takes a while, a long while but, I do fall asleep. When I have a full on migraine, it hurts so bad I can not get to sleep, it hurts to bad to fall asleep. Usually someone would just talk to their doctor but, I don't feel comfortable calling Dr Bell. I haven't heard from her or any of her nurses since we have been home. I don't feel like I can call her. She is an extreme type A person. She may have a brilliant mind but, she really sucks in the caring department. I am just going to wait until the 21st to see her and try and talk about all my concerns then but, my head hurts so bad at night and every night, I try and play it off to Jason.

Speaking of Jason, he is throwing in the towel on our yard. I didn't think I would ever hear that come from his mouth. He actually called Chemlawn to take care of our yard this summer. I was floored! He is like the guru of the green grass. He said it had to do with something about not getting the yard fertilized in time this year but, I can not believe it. Jason said it will take two years to get our yard straighted up and then he will take over again.

Okay, I know I am random today on topics but, I really don't know much. I am excited for Dancing with the Stars tonight to find out who the finalists are for next week. That is the real excitement in my life (pretty boring!).

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Secret...

So, I have a very guilty secret. Are you ready? I love to watch Survivor and Desperate Housewives. Usually this is okay, Survivor is on Thursday nights and Desperate Housewives is on Sunday night. Well, tonight is the one night a year that they conflict. And, as it is Mothers Day, I should be able to watch what I want to watch. NOT!!! I am having to flip between one show to the other. Not fair. Okay, so I should probably get over my guilty obsession. I actually know quite a few people who watch Desperate Housewives.

I had the GREATEST Mothers Day! Annie and Abbie were so excited. My mom had a gift for them to give me and Jason actually took the girls shopping as well. So, all in all, I had a few presents to open. I received lockets from both of the girls that had matching lockets for the girls to wear. The lockets are a cool idea and the girls are proudly wearing theirs too. Then, I have been playing with the girls' Webkinz on line for the last few weeks. I really have enjoyed myself. I kept telling the girls I wanted a Webkinz for Mothers Day. Well, I didn't get a Webkinz, I received two Webkinz. I have been having a blast today setting up my Webkinz home and playing online with them. The girls are showing me how to do some of the stuff I didn't know how to do. And then, my lovely husband gave me the most beautiful picture fame for a couple of photos. I seriously scored this year. Annie keeps asking me when Kids Day is and I keep telling her everyday.

I hope every mother had just as great a day as I did. Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Life through the eyes of Tiger...

It is 8:30 Friday night and, the only really exciting thing that has happened to me today is Tiger's day of running the neighborhood. He has had a very exciting day! This morning as I am helping the girls get ready for school, I let Tiger out as normal. Well, it was raining today so, I didn't want to chain him up because my lovely husband just planted grass seed and I didn't want Tig to disrupt it when it was wet. (I don't know about those things, is it okay for the dog to be on wet short grass or best not to?) I became busy with the girls and forgot about him. Later, as I am trying to get the girls out the door, I look across the street at the neighbors house and thought they had some body's really big black lab in their yard. Duh, it was Tiger. I called him and he came running in like he thought he was in trouble. It wasn't his fault I forgot about him.

Tonight as the girls and Jason went to the school carnival, I let Tiger out again and kind of forgot about him. (This time I chained him up!) After about 20 minutes, I look outside and he is in the backyard neighbors yard? WTF??? He broke his chain. He does that usually twice a year. Well, once again he came in the house like he did something wrong. Usually when he comes in the house like that, he has been to someone else's yard and taken their toys. He loves tennis balls and squeaky toys, usually when he has been on the run we have an increase in the number of tennis balls inside our house. We are kind of low right now so, I guess up until today, I have been pretty good about keeping Tiger in line.

Little Grams stopped by to see me for a few minutes today. I think secretly she is stopping to see Tiger. They are becoming good friends. She has fingernails and scratches his head just right. He just sits on the floor by her and soaks it up as she rubs his head. He weighs almost double what she weighs. It is funny to see those two together. So, she brought me tulips and Tiger her fingernails.

As I write this, he is laying beside the chair and snoring very loudly! He is going to go into shock next week when I start going back to work a little bit. It's okay because I probably will too! He has just become accustomed to me being home all the time. It really cuts into his nap time having people stop by all day to see me (but he likes it now!). The life of a large dog (120.5 pounds) who thinks he is a lap dog. Have a great weekend everyone. And, Happy Mothers Day to you all too!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A dreary Wednesday....

How is it that something two six year olds say can make their mother so embarrassed. My mother has been helping us out with the girls the last few weeks. She comes in the morning and helps get them ready and headed off to school. Today started off not very good at our house,

1. Jason was late getting out of bed, which in turn makes him late leaving the house and late for work. Usually I push him out of bed after the first snooze alarm goes off. Last night, he slept in the front bedroom because I haven't been sleeping well and he thought it was him snoring. So, I was not available to push him out of bed. I am sure after the 5th snooze alarm it dawned on him that maybe it was time to get up.

2. I was showered and dressed waiting for the girls to come up stairs after they woke up. They have an alarm clock and depending on how things are going it is anywhere from 7:03-7:20 that they show the whites of their eyes. Well, at 7:27 I finally had to go down stairs and hurry them up. They were fighting and slamming doors. I don't know what was going on with them! I had to push them up the stairs.

3. My mom arrives at 7:45 and we are finishing up getting lunch made and breakfast going. The girls are in a bad mood and they were not wanting Non to take them to school or pick them up. So, they proceeded to tell her that. That made me feel terrible and guilty. I need help right now and Mom had stepped up to the plate to help. She didn't have to do that. She is actually supposed to be on her way to Florida right now. Kate has a race next weekend at Disney. Mike left today and my mom should have been with him. They just bought a house in Florida and she doesn't even get to set it up herself.

4. I want to go to Dad and Mary's house this weekend with everyone and I can't. I tried to talk Jason into it, and then reality sunk in. It is a 4 hour drive and I can barely make it around town with out the bouncing of the road hurting me, how and I going to make it 4 hours? It sucks!

Okay, on to something better! Little Grams is on her way today to spend time with me today. I asked her to bring her Yahtzee. We used to play that all the time at the lake house on Big Spirit on rainy days and today is just that kind of day. I don't know if it is supposed to clear up outside but, I really stormed her last night. I think the temperature dropped also. I sat outside yesterday for about an hour and soaked up the sun. It was really nice. I hope we have some more of that before I have to go back to work!

Have a good day everyone!

Monday, May 5, 2008

All Good News!

Mary, the nurse from Dr. Bell's office, called about an hour ago to tell me that I am clean. The pathologist had a hard time reading my uterus because of the oblation. That is what took so long. So, now I get to start hormones. Hopefully they will take care of the hot flashes and night sweats.

So, I can officially call myself a cancer survivor. The girls are just pretty happy that I won't lose my hair. That is a big thing for a 6 year old. (I think it would have embarrassed them!)

Okay, I don't know anything else, just waiting for Jason to get home tonight. I think he will be more relaxed tonight! He has been wound pretty tight the last week. Have a great evening everyone!

Just sitting here waiting.....

Okay, so I had a rough weekend! It should have slid on by but I will recap for everyone.

Friday, I had been waiting for the doctors office to call with pathology reports. Actually, I was kind of expecting them to call one I arrived home just to check on me to make sure all was going good. NOPE. They never once called to check up on me? I don't know but, I think that is kind of weird seeing as last month I had endometral oblation (sp) and I received a call everyday for a week to see if I was okay, I have a complete hysterectomy and no call? So, finally Friday afternoon, I called to see if the pathology report was back yet? Dr. Bell told Jason it would be Thursday or Friday. The nurse who answered the phone told me they would call me back..... at 2:30 they called to tell me that the pathology report was not back but, Dr. Bell and Jenny (her nurse practitioner) would have to decide what they wanted to do before they would call me with the news. I don't want to read into that call at all. We are just going to sit here and wait.

Saturday, I was freed from my cell for a couple of hours. My mom took me to see Maid Of Honor at the theater. I had wanted to see that movie and I talked her and Jason into the fact that I only had to walk a short way from the parking lot into the movie, sit for a couple of hours and then back to the parking lot and home. The movie was cute. Just a feel good movie which is perfect for me right now. Boy did that little bit of activity wear me out! I was really tired Saturday night. But, that just means I slept great that night!

Sunday, I woke up with the start of a migraine. I hurried up, took a shower and sat in the chair. I was attempting to act like nothing was wrong but, I knew better. Jason called Dr Bell and she told him to get it taken care of. Off to the hospital we went. It took us an hour and a half to get through the E.R. And, needless to say, I slept the rest of the day way.

Here it is 11:30 Monday and we are still waiting. I want to take a shower but, I am afraid the hospital will call while I am in the shower and I won't hear it. So, I stink and I wait. LOL!!!

I can't wait anymore for the shower so, I am going to go take a shower and get something for lunch and wait some more this afternoon.

Have a great day everyone! It is a beautiful day in Northwest Iowa!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A quick post...

I just wanted to post quickly this morning. I am pretty doped up this morning. We arrived home yesterday at about 3:30 with the promise to the doctor that I would stay down at home. Well, I am going to try my best. I have the dictator on me (Jason). Bless his heart. He knows he is in for a trying time with me. Every time I want something I just go to do it. I promised I would try and be good!!!!!

So, we are doing the wait game. Actually we are doing the wait game for a few things.... the pathology report and (excuse me for talking about it, blame the meds) my bowls starting to work. Sorry, I warned you. The night before surgery I had to do the bowl prep. It actually worked to well. I had the squirts so bad I was up all night. When we arrived at the hospital I was so dehydrated there were some issues trying to get an IV in me. My nurse tried twice and he actually called in reinforcements, another nurse who tried. He dug and dug around in my arm. So, he finally decided to throw in the towel and wait for the anesthesiologist. Both nurses said he would defiantly be able to get the IV. So, there I sit waiting for the anesthesiologist, with hot compresses on my arms and hands. Supposedly the hot compresses will make your veins pop out? Something I didn't know. But, also something that didn't work. They did get all the blood they needed from my arms but, barely. Then, I had to have a shot in my stomach for clotting. I tell you what, I was just about to the end of my rope. I can handle a ton of stuff but, I hate it when someone has to start an iv on me! I don't know why because in the scheme of things, that is so minor but, it was just the beginning. Dr Hesser (the anesthesiologist) came in, and let me tell you, he was all full of himself!!!! but, very funny. He said he never has a problem getting an iv in and sits down all cocky, and guess what, after digging around for 10 minutes, he couldn't get it either. He had a partial line in so, I had to hang my hand just right for the iv to keep going. But, Dr Hesser reassured me that after they put me to sleep, he would get one in. Well, come to find out, he struggled then as well. I will be wearing long sleeves for quite a while! I am black and blue all up my arms. And, they hurt!

Okay, I will continue in a little while, I really need to take a break and a nap. I am glad to be home but, it really wore me out coming home yesterday. I HURT!!! Have a great day everyone!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Just sitting in the hotel room.

It is Monday night and I have surgery tomorrow. We had to get here tonight because check in time in the morning is at 6:30 and I have to do some fun prep work tonight. I am just being a smarta$$. I have to drink Magnesium Citrate, two bottles. I told Abbie is was like drinking syrup that was lemon flavor. Super gross!!!! I have to clean my system out so to speak. YUCK!! My sisters, Kate and Kelley, were both giving me crap how I would blog from the toilet tonight. I will have everyone know, I am sitting in our hotel room at the table! I may not sit here long but, hopefully long enough to get this blog done.

Jason ran to Best Buy. I was giving him crap this weekend about our tub T.V. in the living room upstairs where I will probably be spending the next week at in the chair. I think he totally took me serious. We are getting a new TV!!!!! Yahoo. Finally a LCD. I am so excited, 27 dresses comes out on DVD tomorrow and it will look great on the new TV. If you haven't seen that movie, defiantly rent it! I thought it was hilarious. I went with a couple of my friends and I thought we were going to pee our pants laughing at a couple of the scenes.

So, I will just talk about this for a little bit but, I know I put up a big front about having cancer and also having surgery. People tell me all the time how great I am handling it. Well, I am scared to death. The next week will either be great or terrible. No gray area so to speak of. I had the hardest time saying goodbye today to Annie and Abbie at school. When I was putting Abbie to bed last night, she asked me if I was going to die. She knows I won't but, she keeps thinking about my Grandpa Boster. We have visited his grave since the girls were babies and they know he was married to little Grams and he died of cancer. It is hard for them to understand that my cancer is different. I am sure they are bombarding my mom tonight. They feel comfortable talking to anyone about it but, especially her. We have always been honest with them about things and this is not an exception. They need their questions answered by whom ever they talk to. So, if you see my children and they ask you a question about me or this, please use sensitivity and tell them the truth.

Okay, I am going to go and enjoy Dancing with the Stars. I have to spend the next three hours preparing myself to down another magnesium citrate. (It will take that long to get the last one out of my mouth!!!!YUCK). (choking noises in the background) Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

And, I am going to explain to everyone how to leave a comment!... type in your comment and then at the bottom use the anonymous spot but, don't forget to type your name in on the comment box! That way I will know who the comment is from. I need you all right now! Thank you.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dance Recital Day...

Today is Annie's dance recital. She woke up at 7, like usual. And she is pretty excited. Molli came home yesterday so the girls had to hurry and wake her this morning. They didn't get a chance to really see her yesterday. They actually forgot she was home, I had to remind them. When I told them, it was like a cartoon in slow motion, they were spinning their feet trying to see how fast they could get to the front bedroom. It was funny.

Last night we had dance recital rehearsal. It was such a disorganized mess. It was supposed to start at 4:30, run through the finale and then get all the little girls to do their dances and off they could go. NOT!!! We were very fortunate to get out of there by 7! I would bet the big girls didn't finish until somewhere around 10. At least it is only one day this year and not two. They perform at 1 and 5 today. It is funny to me how the little girls all know their dances but, the big girls had to go through dances 3 and 4 times. Jason ended up coming and meeting us in Spirit Lake so we went for pizza afterwords. We arrived home after bed time so we waited to do baths till this morning. I am trying to decide if we should wash Annie's hair or not. Our lovely, thick, blond hair (I am being a smart a$$), tends to hold a style better if it is dirty. I have to decide soon because it is off to bath time when I am done posting....

Tomorrow we are headed to the Lippon's house for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. It is a little late this year but, they can't seem to catch a break with the weather. There was snow on the ground around Easter so they waited until now and it was supposed to be today but, they called yesterday and moved it to Sunday because it snowed yesterday and last night. I hope it will be a little warmer tomorrow! Otherwise the kid will be picking up frozen chocolate.

So, I am just a few days to surgery. I am getting very nervous. I seem to not be able to sleep at night. I think I am going to take a sleeping pill tonight. At least a half. I don't want to take a whole one with the girls at home. Jason can never hear them when they wake up in the middle of the night.

Anyone wondering about the call from Hey Good Cookies? I received the most beautiful basket with goodies! There are lots of cookies, scotcheroos (my favorite), a candle, coffee cup, amazing flowers, cheese ball mixes, paper plates, and neat little paper tablet. I was so surprised at how big it was! Thank you to Randy and Joan Williams, I feel like Joan is a great friend after working on her lake house this winter. They were incredible easy and totally enjoyable to work with! Now, I just want to be invited to their house for margaritas this summer on the new deck! Thank you for the basket Joan and Randy ( I bet Randy had so much to do with the basket. LOL). Thank you Joan for your thought fullness and kindness and understanding while I am going through this!

Okay, I had better get going for bath time! I can't have a stinky dancer and a stinky girl in the audience. Have a great weekend everyone! Good luck to those people racing! I hope the weather is gorgeous in Florida today. (Katie has my blog address on her blog site Her friend Wes commented on my blog yesterday. I have to make sure to visit his site today he said. Little does he know I usually visit it everyday! LOL I am a blogerstalker.)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taking Annie to the E.R.

So, we had a little diversion last night. As usual, we were home after work and school, One of the girls' friends called and wanted to go outside and play. I said that was fine, they were going to play on the swing set. Cool, Jason arrived home and started thinking about making dinner. Camry, the friend, had to be home at 6:30 so we decided to wait until she left to make dinner. So, little did I know, the girls and Camry decided to get out their golf clubs. At about 6:15 they all came screaming in to the house and in hysterics. Annie has blood all over her shirt and skirt and running from her head. Camry tells us that she hit Annie with a golf ball. Of course, my mother instinct sets in. Jason grabs Annie and a paper towel, I grab it from his hand and start squeezing her head like a turnip. I didn't even look at where the blood was coming from, all I could think of was to try and control the bleeding and then worry about what to do next. After about 5 minutes, we finally decide to look at the "hole" in her head. She really did have a hole in her head!!! So, next instinct, call Aunt Amanda. She is a nurse and will tell us if we need to go to the E.R. , she wasn't home and didn't answer her cell. Okay, she must be working. I look at Jason and we both agree she needs to go in. Abbie is still hysterical at this point and so is Annie. Annie is absolutely against going to the hospital. Jason picks her up and they keep applying pressure and off we go. On the way to the car, Abbie grabs her Webkinz (She has two). I call my mom and ask if we can drop off Abbie. I just say a couple of words but, she must have heard the urgency in my voice. So, Jason sits in the back of the Suburban on the floor trying to reassure both girls things are going to be okay. We pull up to Mom's house and she grabs Abbie. I knew she would do everything to calm Abbie down.

We arrive at the hospital and the waiting room was empty and the admitting lady hurried us up when she saw all the blood. (I secretly thought this will be a quick trip, no one in the waiting room!) The nurse comes to get us and walks us in the E.R. and low and behold, they are packed!!! I think every older lady (80+) in Spirit Lake is in the E.R. We had two really nice nurses, they were very good with Annie. She calmed down. We were just waiting for the Doctor and all of a sudden Aunt Amanda walks around the corner. She was just waiting to get off of work. Seeing Aunt Amanda made Annie feel better. It was about 6:45 now and she was hungry. Amanda found a juice and some crackers for Annie and she sat there eating soda crackers and drinking her juice trying to convince me that she shouldn't go to school the next day. It would be to embarrassing.

Okay, so, after we finally see the doctor, he decides she needs stitches. Crap, I really thought they would glue it and that would be it. I didn't have her prepared for that. She started freaking! Amanda told her about all the stitches she has had, I tell her about my stitches, and then Daddy informs her he has had stitches too. Lets just say that she really is a trooper. They wrapped her up in a sheet to do the stitches and after she was numb she didn't feel a thing. The numbing was the worst part!!! She couldn't see what was going on with the paper draped over her eyes, and thank goodness for that. She ended up with dissoluble stitches on the inside and 4 blue stitches on the outside. It was after 10 when the girls went to bed so, we let them sleep in this morning and I took them to school at 9:15.

She is so strong. I can't tell you how proud of her I am and I know Jason is. She is one tough cookie!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am overhelmed!!!!!

Why is it that all my clients understand and are sympathetic to what I am going through but, seem to think I will continue to go above and beyond for them still. You wouldn't believe some of the things people are asking me to get done before Friday. It is so unbelievable to me. I guess it is it should be an eyeopener to me. I didn't realize I was doing so much for people. I try to do my best and give everything I have to my customers and to my family. I really don't know if I can keep up this pace. I am completely exhausted and need a rest. I keep telling myself that next week after my surgery I will slow down for a few day but, I have been working 60 hour weeks for as long as I can remember and I am finally getting burnt out. I don't think I will have time to get everyones things done before I leave. And, to top it all off, Joe seems to think he is my only client this week that has things to get done. He is ridiculous! I am totally serious. It is all shit he could do himself too.

Okay, enough pitty party. So, I went to dinner last night with my Mom, Katie, and Kelley. We had so much fun. We laughed, we cried, I am sure we looked crazy to everyone around. But, that is what happens when we all get together. We need to do that more ofter. Not just when someone is in need.

So, I got a call from Hey Good Cookies today that they have a delivery for me for Friday and wondering when I would be here or if they should just come to my home. Well, the Hallmark store is having "Webkinz Extravaganza" weekend so, I have to be at the Hallmark store Friday at 9 a.m. I told Hey Good Cookies I would just stop by. Thank you to whom ever sent something. I have to get thank you notes done! I have had the most beautiful flowers sent to my office the last two weeks. They have all been such fabulous spring colors. Just a little bit of sunshine in my day! I promise to get thank you notes done next week.

I have to get busy and get some more work done. I am really swamped. Have a great rest of the day everyone!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Surgery has been moved up!!!!!

Okay, so Friday I get the news that I have to wait until the 6th of May for surgery. Today I get a call that I am moved up to the 29th of April. My life immediately gets put on fast forward. Okay, where do I start to plan? I have so much to do and only this week to get it done. I am overwhelmed.

I just have to stop and take one day at a time. That is the name of the game. I can do this....

Can you tell my nerves are starting to get the best of me too? I just have so much on my brain and I think I need to get it off. I think Jason feels bad that I can't talk to him but it is all stuff he doesn't need to hear or can't fix. He is the greatest guy but, he always thinks he needs to fix everything and this isn't a quick fix. I think it is a guy thing. I don't know.

So, anyone want to get on my help list? I am going to start lining up my help list this week. Give me a call if you are in. (If you only knew how hard that is for me to admit! I need help?!?!) Okay, I am going to blog more later. I have to get some work done.

Thank you all in advance. And, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The waiting game is not over.....

I guess this feeling of me circling the airport is not going to be over anytime soon. So, yesterday we finally were able to meet the new doctor. Her name is Maria Bell. She is very intimidating. I of course couldn't think of any questions while we were with her but, after she left I had tons of questions. Our appointment we for 10:30 and we waited over an hour to see her. The nurses and Dr Bell's nurse practitioner are amazing. Very caring and they take their time. Then, Dr Bell swoops in and is a ball of fire for 5 minutes and rushes away. I need to be more assertive while we are in the exam room with the doctor. Well, I said I wanted a doctor who lays it all out, she is deffinately that. Jason really likes her and feels comfortable with her. That says a lot.

So, here is what her decision is so far. On May 6th (because she is booked until then.), I will have a hysterictomy with removal of ovaries and tubes as well. She is going to take some lymphnodes as well. Then, she is going to sew me up and have all the tissue tested. So, we won't know anything until about two days after surgery. I can not even start hormone replacement until we get the tests back. So, I will have two full days (at least) with out estrogen. Dr Bell said I am going to fell like crap with out estrogen but, the type of cancer I have can be fueled by estrogen. After she gets the results back from the test, she will decide about any further treatment; chemo and radiation.

The nurse said that typically people have an overnight stay and then return home for two weeks and then part time back to work the third week. Well, we will see just how quickly I can re-coup. I know I can beat that.

We will sit here and wait for the next two and a half weeks. I feel like that is all I do but, I guess that is the name of the game here. Wait, wait, and more waiting.

Well, it looks as if it is going to be a beautiful weekend. I can't wait to see the sun out and the birds chirping. Jason will be busy installing closets all weekend so us girls are going to have to get into some trouble. We were at some friends house very late last night and they were up early this morning so, I know a nap is in their future today. They won't like that but, they need it! I have to go to work for a couple of appointments this morning but, they will tag along and hang out at the showroom. They love hanging out there. They have a giant club house and draw pictures and play Webkinz on the computers. What more is there in life? Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just kind of a yucky day outside....

I feel like an airplane circling the airport waiting to land. I know that doesn't make much sense but right now, not much makes sense to me. The weather feels like my mood. Kind of overcast and cloudy with some sprinkles. I set my schedule up today at work to just be bombarded so that I didn't have any idle time. And trust me, I was crazy busy all day.

Don't get me wrong, I am not depressed. I have just been waiting so long and not able to plan anything. I think when I was younger I just flew by the seat of my pants. I wasn't a planner, just a doer. Now, as I find myself getting older, I have become a planner. I think a lot of that had to do with having the girls. When they were little it took lots of planning to get out of the house with them both. This week, I realized we have so many activities coming up in the next couple of weeks and I don't know what I will be able to attend and not attend. That drives me nuts.

Tomorrow my appointment is at 10:30 so, we don't have to wait all day. (As I type this Tiger is running around our house with a 6 pound weight in his mouth. What a dork!) I will blog as soon as we get home or find something out. I may even attempt to blog from the "Crackberry" if I feel adventurous.

Okay, Jason just arrived home so I am going to go figure out what we are having for dinner. Have a good night everyone and great weekend.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally heading around the corner...

Today is Wednesday and I have less then 48 hours till I meet the Oncologist. It feels like we have been waiting an eturnity. It is the weirdest feeling to know your body has something bad in it and you can't do anything about it. I just want to start getting better.

Yesterday I woke up at 5 in the morning throwing up from a migraine. It was so bad. I don't normally wake up in the morning with them. Usually I start getting a regular headache in the morning or early afternoon and then it hits full boar as the day goes on. Then, I am not sure if I can take any medication or not. I know I can't take any ibuprofen right now. So, my question was, what could I take? Needless to say, I didn't get anything done yesterday and I stayed home in bed sleeping my day away.

I worry what all of this is doing to the girls. They seem to be resilient to what is going on but, I don't want them to have any set backs in school or disrupt their activities just because their mother has problems. They have been good as gold and such big help around the house. I know that is the "pleaser" in both of them. I worry so much about them always trying to do the right thing and not enjoying themselves. Oh well, enough of my rambling.

Have I told you guys about all the beautiful flowers, plants, and cards that have been coming my way. The delivery guy from HyVee, was asked by the flower arrangers to report back to them about what I looked like. They thought I had a bunch of boyfriends and it was my birthday or something. We all laughed so hard about that at work. If they only knew the truth. LOL.

Jason comes home tomorrow night. I can't wait. Just having him home right now is comforting. I understand he needs to be gone for work but, I enjoy it when he is home, especially now. Usually I am pushing him out of the door. I think I am leaning on him more then normal right now.

So, I have to clean my desk off. I can not see the bottom and I have bills and invoices for customers stacking up. It is time. That is my afternoon activity. The cleaning ladies came in and wouldn't touch my desk. That is bad!

Have a great day everyone, It is beautiful outside.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Okay, so I really don't like Monday's. But, it was finally a very nice day outside. I couldn't believe that Mother Nature finally delivered! The girls didn't have school today. All of Okoboji schools were without classes for the funeral of Mason Dibel. They couldn't get enough subs to cover all the teachers that wanted to go to the funeral. And, all the high school students that wanted to go as well so, they just called off school. Annie and Abbie spent the day with Olivia Smith. Jodi (Olivia's Mom) doesn't work on Mondays. They had so much fun. They played all day. Jodi called me at 3:15 and said they were all headed to the Y for swimming. I left work at 4:30 and went to the Y, they were all having a great time. I can not explain to you how tired they were tonight. I know the door didn't hit the jam, when I put them to sleep, and they were out!

Jason is on the road this week. It is kind of scary for me. I know I have to get over it but, I like having him around. Usually I can't wait for him to hit the road. It means doing whatever the girls and I want all week long. I have always tried to make it fun for the girls when Jason is gone. We have "Girls Night". Usually we come home, take baths early, and eat whatever we want. It is like an all week slumber party that the girls look forward to. I started when the girls were little because we all hated it when Jason was gone. It makes for lots of extra work and we all really miss Jason. But, if we make it fun, the time goes by quickly. Jason will be back on Thursday night so he can take me to my doctors appointment. He was having a hard time just sitting around waiting. And, it will make the time go faster if he is busy.

Well, I am going to head to bed early tonight. I am so tired. I slept last night from 10-1:30 this morning. So, needless to say, I am beat tonight! I can't wait to crawl into me bed, all by myself and sleep diagonally across the bed! Tiger isn't even getting an invite to my bed tonight. He usually thinks he can sleep on the bed when Jason is gone. Not tonight!!! I want to stretch out and hog the bed myself!

I hope everyone enjoys the nice weather we are having. It may finally be spring. I actually have green plants coming up in my front yard and our neighbor, mowed his yard tonight. That is a good sign. Thank you Mother Nature!

Until tomorrow! Chelley

Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Year Ago Today....

It is so hard to believe that one year ago today, the Kate Monster Support Crew was in Tempe, AZ cheering on Kate and every other Ironman athletes. What an amazing, life altering experience to be a part of. It is hard to understand why the athletes do what they do until you actually experience it and see the determination in their faces.

I just wanted to post about some of the experiences from that day.

1. Amy and that stupid "Enjoy the Pain" sign... It was great for the bike but, by the time the athletes got to the run, she had the foresight to put it away. Craig wouldn't even stand near her when she had the sign. Most athletes found it funny but, I stood to close to her and had a bad tire tossed at us.

2. It was funny how I couldn't control my emotions when I would see Kate. I wish I could have run for her when she was having problems. It just made me so proud of her all I could do was cry like a baby.

3. Stretching with Bob before we left for Tempe Town. Little did we all know, that Bob would need that stretching 12 hours later to run with Kate.

4. Flying all over Tempe, trying to figure out where we will see Kate next. It was so funny how good Bob and Craig are at figuring that out. We would literally just get to a site and Kate would go by. A couple of times she would have to say," Hey guys" just to get our attention... She was moving on her bike the first half!

5. Seeing Kate swim over us while we were on the Tempe Town Bridge. She could see Mom's really bright yellow jacket so, she waved at us, mid swim.

6. Who can forget about the crack heads at the Burger King we stopped to pee at during our running around! I didn't know if Kell, Amy or I were going to make it out of that one. It was weird. We laughed so hard about it when we were telling the guys about it.

7. Taking the Hummer off roading in the reservation! We were getting some funny looks from the "Native Americans" . I know I had a tan but, I still think Kelley or Amy would have been a better bet for sacrifice. LOL

8. The day before when Kate had to get all her transition bags to the Athlete village. We had so much fun. I also distinctly remember Craig getting in the van and sitting in reverse while us girls were trying to take a picture on the bumper. (He had his chance to get rid of all of us!)

9. The crazy wind the day of the race. It was a giant dust ball out on the bike course. I don't know how Kate did it! And getting attacked by a tumbleweed in the process.

And finally,

10. I will NEVER forget Kate crossing the line and officially becoming an IRONMAN! It was so cool. I know we were all crying. It was a very proud moment. My little sister is an Ironman.

And, I don't want to add another number but, the next day sitting in the airport and Kate, finally having a beer. Kate said it was the best beer she had ever had. What a great experience.

Good luck to the people in Tempe today. May the water be still, wind be always at your back, and cool you off while you are running. Good Luck and congratulations.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank you....

It is truly amazing to me just how many people have volunteered their support and help in my families time of need. I will forever be gratefully to everyone! I can not explain to you just how amazing it is to me. I know I have lots of people I talk to regularly but, when the chips are down, boy do my friends and family step up to the plate!

I am just warning you all right now that the control freak and independent person inside of me has a very hard time asking for help so, if you see a need please just help. I don't want to bother people. I feel like it is putting them out. Or interfering in their busy schedules. We all have incredibly busy lives and I understand that, it is that knowledge that makes it hard for me to ask for help. But, on the other hand, if anyone needed anything, I would be right there! Doing anything from hauling kids to cleaning house, my services are always available and never ending for anyone in need. I know I really need to learn to ask for help. Maybe me having Cancer is some test to get me to learn to ask for help?

Well, as some people know, Jason and I have always tried to look on the bright side of things and it has been hard to do that the last week and a half. I know on the outside I may look like it is all great but, on the inside I am a mess. Finally, yesterday, I had a rude awakening. Last weekend there was an accident in Wahpaton Iowa. Mason Dibble was on a skateboard and going down a hill with out a helmet on. He crashed and ended up in the hospital. He had brain swelling that the doctors couldn't control. He died yesterday afternoon. He was 18 years old, senior at Okoboji High School, and a great student. Mason was actually on of the Spanish students from the High School, chosen to teach Spanish to the kindergarten class at Okoboji Elementary. As Annie said, "Mom, he as so cool." Her whole class enjoyed Mason and learning from him. I feel so bad for his family but especially for his mother. This is not the first time she has had lose in her life. Her husband died from Cancer a few years ago. My heart goes out to them in this time.

Okay, 7 days left and then we will know what is going to happen in our house. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Take the time to appreciate the ones you love and give them an extra hug. You never know what is going to happen. And, thank you again to everyone for the support and offers of help! You will never really know just how much it means to me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Truely Believe God Sent Jason To Me!

When I met Jason, it was a crazy time in my life. I had truly decided I would probably spend the rest of my life by myself. I was not old or young (27) but, I was kind of set in my ways and had just moved back to Sheldon. Sheldon really didn't have a lot to offer in the social department for a single girl. I just had a good time with my friends I had and worked during the day and helped out at the Eagles club when I could. I really needed the extra money seeing as I was living on my own and only doing social work. I enjoyed the social environment of the Eagles and it afforded me some extra cash in a time when I needed it.

As most people know, Jason and I both graduated from the same school system but, I moved to Sheldon when he was already out of school so we really had no knowledge of each other. But, what we did know about each other (which was way off base) we didn't like very well because of one certain person! Then, one fated night, (New Years Eve, 1998) I ran into Jason with a tray while working at the Eagles. I know now we were meant to be together. There is no doubt in my mind how God had a plan for me to be with Jason. We both just had to let the plan that was laid out for us happen and not fight it.

I could not have picked out a better Daddy for the girls or husband for me. Last year when I was praying for my dryer to break so I could get a new one, my lovely husband, (who is also secretly a Mr. fix it) decides I didn't need a new front loader that we really didn't have the money for. He just put a motor in the old one. I was not happy but, in the end, he made the old one as good as new. He can fix anything! It is crazy to me how someone can understand how to hook up a stereo system or the dish network . I don't have the patients to do stuff like that. Annie and Abbie always tell their teachers if something breaks, "My Daddy can fix it, he can fix anything.". Jason is their hero and mine as well.

Well, we are 8 days out and I think we are all hanging in there. Today is the first day I have worn my contacts and mascara in a week. I am trying to act like everything is great and wonderful but, I don't think there is much more I can handle right now. I am stressed and have no focus at work or home. I just want to say thank you to Jason for putting up with me right now. I know we have a long road ahead of us but, thank you for being with me for this time in our life. I couldn't do it without you! Love Chell

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It is Wednesday....

So, today is Wednesday. That all by itself is not reason to get excited but, for me it is one more day closer to Dr. Bell (my oncologist who decided to take vacation in the middle of the worst thing in my life. That sounds very dramatic. I am sure there are people who have it much worse then me and I am sorry to them for my rudeness). Other then that is was pretty uneventful.

The pink socks have come in but so many people want them that I don't get a pair. I am going to find a site that has them in stock and get my own socks and I think a t-shirt to wear to bed.

Great news, I get a date with my husband on Friday night. I know most of you think that this would be a late night out but, to me a date means, maybe dinner and then home to go to sleep. I am still not sleeping well and am usually awake by 3-3:30. So, having the girls gone makes me comfortable enough to take a sleeping pill and actually get some sleep. I don't want to do that when they are home because usually I am the only one who hears them up in the middle of the night and if they have a problem, someone needs to hear them. When they stay in Sheldon with Denny and Cynthia or with my Mom and Mike, I feel like they are in great hands and I can relax and actually aid in my sleep.

So, two new calls at work today about people wanting Supreme Kitchens to do their remodel. Usually this time of year, things start to slow down at work and people start to plan their remodel for next winter. Well, I think things are a changing even in Okoboji IA. Lots of remodels and less building new homes going on in the last 6 months. I think the economy is finally catching up to our little corner of Iowa finally. Last year at this time, 75% of what we were working on was new homes. This year, I think it is more 75% remodel. We will always have new construction living at the lakes but, I think it is slowing down. We had our Home Builder Association (HBA) monthly lunch today and our parade of homes is in June. Last year at this time, we had more people committed to having their home on the parade and more booths sold for the trade show that goes along with it. But, I told everyone I am positive our numbers will increase quickly once the weather gets warmer. It seems to me that the winter has been so long that it doesn't feel like the HBA show is two months away. We have the most amazing home on the parade this year. I can't wait for people to see it. Unfortunately it isn't one of ours but, good for the builder who did it. I know he needed another little feather in his cap. Well, he did it. The home is nothing short of amazing!

Well, I guess I planned on a shot post but, I just get carried away. If only you knew where I was posting from..... (HINT: Kate never likes to sit here alone!) Have a great night everyone and think PINK!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Good News And The Bad News....

The good news....

The cancer has not spread. It is contained in the uterus.

Okay, so yesterday, Jason and I had to get see Dr. Fiegen. Or as I choose to call him Dr. I don't like giving bad news. I wish I could shorten that up a bit. How about Dr Yes. ( doesn't like to tell his patients no). Dr Yes, of course told us the great news that the cancer had not spread and all was wonderful in the world. Jason was so relieved and it was great! (for him anyway). He doesn't have to have a hysterectomy and what ever other treatment the oncologist decides. I was just trying to deal with cancer and now, I realized I have to start dealing with a hysterectomy. I didn't think this would be hard but, it is a lot harder then I thought.

I am 35 and had one terribly hard pregnancy. I have never in my life had a "normal" period. My uterus is just not up to par. I suppose getting rid of it is good. At this point I don't have a choice. It is just something I have to get used to but, I was trying so hard to deal with one idea I completely forgot to think about anything else. Will I still be attractive to my husband? Will I still enjoy sex with my husband? I have lots of those questions. I am sorry if you don't want to read some of these things but, these are things I wonder. And I guess that is why I started the blog.

Okay, so the bad news.

We have to wait until the 18th of April to see the OBGYN/Oncologist. Of all the times of year, she decides that this is the time to take a two week long vacation. LOL. I guess I just have bad timing. Chalk it up to bad luck. So, anyone know any good books or anything to pass my time for the next 10 days. I will need help, seriously!!! We have become such and instant gratification society that I have fallen into that trap... I have a problem, I want an answer and a quick fix. Well, I guess this is life's way of telling me not everything is a quick fix.

So, to stopping and smelling the roses so to speak!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, April 7, 2008

D day...

At least that is what it feels like. Today is the day Jason and I go to the Sioux Falls S.D. and find out all about what the Doctors have to say from the CT scan I had last week. I am incredibly nervous. I woke up in the middle of the night and had the most surreal feeling that is was all a bad dream. Then I looked around and decided that it was real and I have to just face it head on.

The girls are doing okay, Annie has a million questions. I find that she doesn't want to ask me but, she is comfortable asking everyone else. That is okay with me as long as she asks someone. Abbie just takes it all in and lets Annie worry. That is always how she handles things. Today, after school, they are going to Miss Ostermann's house. That is Abbie's teacher. They both think that is pretty cool. I guess it is okay Mom has cancer if we can get to go to the teachers house.

Okay, I promise to post more later and get this blog site out and available for all. Have a great day everyone.