Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please Read.....

As most people know, I have more sisters and brothers then your average person. I have a sister in need right now! Cami, (Mary's youngest daughter) lost her home yesterday. They had a house in Ceder Falls Iowa. It is now filled with water up to the roof. Cami is getting ready to get married to Brian (her high school sweetheart, July 11), they have a beautiful daughter Isabelle who just turned 2 in April.

Cami and Brian had just purchased their home about a year ago and done a ton of work on it. They are both very young but have their heads on straight and their priorities in line. It is so cool to see two young people that way. They are very good parents to Isabelle.

Thank God they are safe and I know whatever is left in the house is just stuff but how sad to have to start all over. They are staying with my Dad and Mary for right now. I know all your thoughts and prayers will be with them too.

Jason is going to try and scan a picture of them later for me to put on the blog.


Angie said...

I have friends in Cedar Falls who I am praying for right now. I will add them to my list. I wish them all the luck in the world. Send them my love and tell them I will be praying for them too. Love ya Chell!

Anonymous said...

Jason told me about it this morning and it broke my heart! Thank goodness everyone is safe and sound but what a terrible loss!