Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So excited...

I know every time I post I explain how busy I have been. Well, three weeks ago, I added another thing to my daily routing. The Biggest Loser! Our local YMCA has a Biggest Loser. I am on the Blue team. We have been the biggest losers two weeks running! I think our success is the fact that we are working as a team. Okay, I am going to make myself a little accountable here..... I lost 6 pounds the first week! But, I only lost 2 pounds the second week. I was feeling very bummed about it and then, all my friends and team mates slapped me upside the head! I still lost weight! All I have to say is, I had better lose more weight this week! I have been working my BUTT off!!! Double sometimes triple workouts a day. I do have a little motivation beside the feeling better, the blue team trainer is HAWT!!! And I don't mean just a little bit! I mean SMOKIN!!! It just makes it fun to work out and look at. I keep trying to figure out who I can set him up with! He is only 22 and just ended a 2 year relationship. If you know anyone, let me know!

We went to Des Moines last weekend for the girls to have there pictures taken. Please go and check them out at go to the proof section and the password is klattsupermodels. The girls had so much fun! Jim does an awesome job!

Just a few short weeks and I will be traveling to Clearwater Florida to watch Katie do Worlds. I am looking forward to some time in the sun and an open water swim. It will be fun to swim in the ocean. I don't know how good I will be at that. But, it will be fun. I love a challenge.

So, we picked out Halloween costumes for the girls this last week. Annie is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. (I wanted to make the costume but she wouldn't let me this year!) Abbie is a Cheerless Cheerleader. Abbie's costume is so not something I would expect from one of my girls. I tried to talk her into a pirate but, obviously I wasn't very persuasive with either of the girls. I must be losing my touch. I think it actually might be they are getting older and don't listen to their mother! I am no longer cool. That is really hard for me to take. Their friends think I am cool but they do not.

Jason is just holding the fort down! He is doing it all. Without him, I couldn't do the Biggest Loser. He has had to step it up at home and I know Annie is giving him a ton of grief. But, he is taking it all in stride. He really is amazing. I am very lucky! There are not many guys like him in the world. I was just very lucky to catch him! Annie and Abbie think I caught him with a lasso. Of course, I lead them to believe that.

Well, I of course will try and be better about posting. I promise. Wish me luck this week on the weight lose! Going for more then 2 pounds! (And the HAWT trainer took away my coffee!!!)