Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy Mel ROCKS!!!

Okay, so life is a little crazy trying to be a super Mom and super wife, and a biggest loser! I have days I just can not keep up. But, I just keep trying to do it the best I can. Today, Annie decided she didn't feel well after I had taken her to school and was getting ready to go to work so, her and I come back home and have a "Mental health" day! Actually it was pretty fun to hang out with just one of my daughters! I am totally going to have to let Abbie do it, just maybe after Christmas. We watched a movie while laying in my bed, made chocolate chip cookies (I didn't have one!), and worked on school work. It was kind of nice and relaxing.

At 5 I had to leave to go to the Y for a training session with Hot David. He really kicked my butt today. Then I stayed and did an extra half hour on the tready. (As to date, I am down 24.5 pounds.) We only have two and a half weeks left and I really want to get to 30 pounds off. I head home at 7 and I am just getting ready to start making some dinner and something catches my eye in the mail stack..... It is a special yellow envelope...... Humm, who could that be for? ...... I grab it and scream..... It is a letter to ME from BREE WEE!!! OMG!!!!! How cool it that? And an autographed picture of her! Let me lead you into how this happened....

In Clearwater, my BFF Crazy Mel and I were talking about how all I wanted Kate to bring me home from Kentucky was Bree's autograph. She wouldn't because of course, that wouldn't be cool for her to ask for it and I totally understood that but I was totally bummed I couldn't be there to see Bree. I am a very big Bree Wee fan! Yes, that would include being a blogger stalker. I love the tenacity and enthusiasm Bree has. It is contagious and always makes me look at my life in a better way. So, Mel told me she would hook me up! Thank you Mel and also, thank you Bree for taking the time out of your schedule. You both ROCK!!!

I am framing my picture of Bree! I will post a picture of me and my picture soon. Thank you for making my day Mel!!


Marni said...

Autographs are great!
I miss you so much! it was great hanging out with you in Clearwater!
congrats on the weight loss...just a few more pounds to go to your 30 lb drop in weight!

Mel said...

Yeah I am so happy it made your day BFF:) Bree is the coolest...she loves to make people happy..some day I hope you will get to meet her in person..totally down to earth good hearted girl:)

WOW you are doing awesome with the weight loss and a big bonus having someone HOT there motivating you!!

Miss ya and I so need to get our photo's up on my blog...but still do not have my computer back and this computer is having some major issues with me:(
Keep being your kick A$$ self!!!

Eileen Swanson said...

Too funny! Bree is a dork ;-) HA! She is funny and totally different, I'm sure you would love her! Have fun framing the pic you get!!

Mel said...

OK Girlfriend...I think you need to show the NEW you off on here...get your hot pics up:) UPDATE